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July 10, 2011
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Darksiders by shalizeh Darksiders by shalizeh
I'm very happy that new Darksiders game is comming next year (and on PC too! :la:) so I decided to draw the four Horsemen from the game. Strife and Fury are not cannon - I've only had early uncolored scetches of them, so I improvised a little (Fury ot the worst of it it seems - she's pink! T_T)
Hope you'll like the picture and no using it without my permission, which you already know :)
PS. If you have trouble with fullviewing the picture, just hit the download button.
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brb ima start a new game of Darksiders.


this is truly amazing :)

atram95 Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
its nice to see them altogther
I imagine the third game having strife and fury as playable coop characters. Strife would be a mid to long range fighter using his pistols to greater effect than in the past games, being they are his guns, and his brothers used copies I believe. Fury would be a close quarters combatant, She uses her whip to pull enemies toward her, and force larger opponents and objects down to her level, kind of DMC style. Their weaknesses would be the opposite of each other, strife's is close combat and fury's is long range. Though I like Likynis's idea below too.
So I have this thought in head and for those who didn't play the game, SPOILERS: Darksiders ended with War beating the Destroyer but it didn't end the story, much like Death sacrificed himself and all soils in the amulet to restore humans and absolve War of his crime but that also is not the end to the story. The thought I had was, the next game Strife can have his own game in some current gen third person shooting and bit of Red Dead Redemption where he can... slow time to focus on all targets and then just go quick draw and shot everything around. Fury will be a lot like Darksiders 1 with claws and whip and other lovely weapons she can find along the way, and all that having bit of stories until the end... where 5th and final installment would have all 4 horsemen have their chapter in story, all leading to uncover a huge plot that someone wanted the Apocalypse to start earlier. Each horseman gets a game and 5th involving them all together with one huge story. 
GinaDragonGirl Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GOD Death is epic <3
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